Lift smarter with the Tiller®-liftmobile

Why lift something yourself as a device can do that for you? Avoid overloading your back and shoulders. The electric liftmobile of Tiller® takes all your lifting work off your hands. Effortlessly.
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Make your work easier with the liftmobile

With the Tiller®-liftmobile, lifting no longer costs muscle power. Things that you would never be able to lift on your own, can be easily lifted from their place with the Tiller®-liftmobile. At the push of a button. That saves time and energy. Time and energy that you can put into other things. That's how beautiful technological innovation can be.

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Nicer and smarter lifting

The liftmobile is designed with common sense. Technical gadgets such as the electric lifting function and the automatic brake make it unique in its kind. The liftmobile can even lift itself with the help of the push-in shovel. And with a classic steel frame and clear and stylish buttons, it looks great too. But most important of all: the liftmobile is good for you and your employer. You save your back and shoulders and your employer increases his productivity. So you can lift smarter with Tiller®.

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Can be used in many places

The liftmobile is available in different versions. Therefore it can be used in many places. The standard version has a push-in shovel for moving and stacking boxes and parcels. For other lifting work, special accessories are available that you can easily mount yourself. For example, for lifting white goods or car tyres, moving windows or lifting and placing television screens, digiboards and lighting and sound installations. The medical industry also makes extensive use of the Tiller®-liftmobile.

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How is it possible that the liftmobile stays in balance when you lift something heavy?

That's the secret of Tiller®!

This secret is based on an ancient natural law that goes back to Newton and it has everything to do with balance. You have been practising it since childhood: when you lean back on your chair and balance on the back legs, when you ride your bike without training wheels. Without knowing it, you are an expert in maintaining your balance. So the secret of Tiller® is you!

When you try it out, you will notice it: without thinking about it, you automatically make sure that the liftmobile stays in balance. This way you make sure that the liftmobile does the work for you and that you work safely.

How the Tiller®-liftmobile works

Explanation of how the Tiller®-liftmobile works, step 1
Slide the scoop under that which you want to lift. Push the liftmobile to the right place manually.
Explanation of how the Tiller®-liftmobile works, step 2
Press the 'lift up' button until the scoop is at the correct height. The secret of Tiller® keeps the liftmobile stable. An electric brake keeps the liftmobile in place.
Explanation of how the Tiller®-liftmobile works, step 3
Press the 'drive forward' button and drive the last piece electrically. Thanks to the electrically driven brake, the liftmobile moves at a walking pace.
Explanation of how the Tiller®-liftmobile works, step 4
Press the 'lift down' button and lower the scoop to the correct height. Then slide the load off the cutter.

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