Liftmobile Wheels Advanced

Technical specifications

Max. loadcapacity: 75 kg
Lifting speed: 100 mm/s
Max. displacement: 1.10 m
Nose plate depth: 0.35 m
Weight: 42 kg
Battery: NiMH 24 V / 9 Ah
Height: 1.55 m
Width: 0.52 m
Material: coated steel
Full battery: 300 lifts

Liftmobile with a capacity of 75 kilograms and adding the Wheels Advanced accessory. Maximum lifting height is 1,10m. The liftmobile gets with this accessory a specific application for transporting, mounting and lifting of (car) tires / wheels. The difference with the Wheels accessory is that it is not carried out with rollers, but with a pin with which the wheel is fixed. Which of the two is the most suitable will depend on the preference of the person who is going to work with it.

Occupations or industries in which to use the liftmobile in:
  • Garages
  • Dealerships
  • Automotive industry