Why Tiller®?

Tiller® wants to use the liftmobile to prevent people from getting physical complaints by lifting. And that is necessary, because according to the Arbo, back pain is the most common cause of absenteeism and occupational disability. This is not pleasant for anyone. Not for employees, but also not for employers and the self-employed. That's why we say: lift less, use the liftmobile!

Safe lifting with the liftmobile

Employers must ensure that employees can lift safely. To this end, the American Institute of Safety and Health has created the NIOSH formula. The formula calculates how much you can lift to the maximum without affecting your health. The Inspectorate SZW also uses this formula. Usually that weight is a maximum of 23 kilograms, but sometimes it is lower. Frequent or incorrect lifting can also result in loss of employees. That is why the Inspectorate advises SZW to make as much use as possible of aids, such as the liftmobile.

Smarter lifting with the liftmobile

Our main goal is to ensure that nobody has back problems anymore. But the liftmobile still has a few major advantages:
  1. Because the liftmobile takes your work off your hands, you can continue longer: lifting is faster.
  2. With the liftmobile you can lift much more than you can do manually on your own.

Why the Tiller®-liftmobile? All the benefits at a glance:

  • Safe lifting, mounting and moving with one compact device
  • Maneuverable as a hand truck
  • Easy operation and handling
  • Lightly controllable; easy to keep in balance
  • Prevents loss of employment
  • Prevents working conditions fines for physical load
  • To be used in many situations and places
  • No tailgate required on your van
  • Lift itself into the van and on platforms