Liftmobile with extension for lifting 35 kg

Technical specifications

Max. loadcapacity: 35 kg
Lifting speed: 200 mm/s
Max. displacement: 2,20 m
Height: 1.55 m
Width: 0.52 m
Nose plate depth: 0.35 m
Weight: 42 kg

Battery: NiMH 24 V / 9 Ah
Operating radius: up to 200 times
Battery charging time: 8 hours
when fully discharged
Drive motor: 2 pcs
Material: coated steel
Warranty: 2 years

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Stacking or high lifting with self-loading electric Tiller®-liftmobile LM75E with extension

Liftmobile with a capacity of up to 35 kilograms. Maximum lifting height is 2.20m. Comes standard with stab shovel. Lifting speed 200 mm / s.

Extension mast increases lifting height but halves weight to be lifted

By using this extension, the lifting height is twice as big, but the liftcapacity is halved! In addition, the lifting speed is twice as fast, which is 200 mm / s instead of the standard lifting speed of 100 mm / s.

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Applications, occupations or industries in which this liftmobile can be used:

  • Stacking Boxes
  • Packages

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